We though that it would be a interesting for all our members to hear about some of the stuff that we have been working on and what is ahead for the Fitcasting.com. First of all, we have been busy with the new shoots and we have some great news. Especially with respect to Andy:

We were extremely glad to have him back briefly for shoots and decided to test a brand new scenario – The Houseboy Training on this muscle hunk. You will be seeing some short previews already now and the full movie should be ready by April for publication. There have been other great shoots with Tyler, Danko, Dany and there are shoots upcoming with Aiden, Domantas, Jony.

We are preparing also for the upcoming villa shoots – let us know if you have a property to host a shoot? If so do write us at fitcastingagency@gmail.com

Recently, some of you may have experienced some hickups with the site – either with e-mail or even access. The problems should be solved now. The reason for this was that we are upgrading to a larger server space by a different provider – first, we have already published so much material that regular commercial hosting was too large for that. Second – and that is the most exciting thing – we are starting to publish full movies in very high quality – in addition to shorter clips. This way you can enjoy the workouts in one flow without having to stop in between the clips.

We are also transforming our VIP section – some of you may have noticed a little tab at the bottom of the page. We are thinking about the idea to bring live sessions to the VIP and make the section open to all our members. So far it has served mostly as a discussion forum to some of our oldest members. It will take some time, but hopefully we can manage.

Finally – we are also upgrading our ratings system and probably will leave it only for the full movies section. To rate individual clips was confusing – we want to know what do you think of the movie as a whole!

There are lots of more interesting stuff coming up: summer shoots, new models and ground breaking training ideas. We will be sharing those in coming weeks and months.

We are also happy that our specialty siteĀ https://www.punishmentroom.com has also taken off – check it out if you enjoy seeing our boys treated a bit more harshly than usual.

Do stay in touch – we love to hear from you. Just in case, we recommend to use fitcastingagency@gmail.com e-mail account for feedback and suggestions – our upgrades are in the final stages and this is to make sure we get all the mail.

Your FC Team