February will bring you more content than ever in Fitcasting. This is thanks to your support and loyalty. It will have more exciting content than ever as we have taken our member requests seriously and put our guys through some of the very hard workouts that you have recommended.

We are starting to bring you more content from our Cyprus shoot. We continue with our birthday special where we are testing out our new gladiator suit. Please write us and let us know what do you think of that underwear: should we continue using that?

We are starting with two new exciting challenges: first our model of the year Dima will start his penalty challenge. Remember, that last year we invited our members to design a special penalty for Dima for failing to correctly perform the push-up challenges. Now Dima has a chance to make good his mistakes. He is determined not to leave you disappointed with his performance this time. We will also bring a special member preview photo gallery of this session and publish a description of the challenge.

Our second challenge focuses on abs and glutes: it is another routine recommended by our members that really tests our models’ limits at the same time showing off their physiques as they struggle with cruel exercises in the sunshine.

Alex, Ivan, Justas, Lukas and Philipp also continue to go through their challenges just as every weekend we have double set of Pavel and Domantas go through their workout weekend.

It is another exciting month in Fitcasting when we hope to bring a little sunshine to your winter!

Stay in touch and write us at agency@fitcasting.com with your feedback and thoughts. Also – send us your workout ideas! We are looking forward to testing them!