We have now finished editing Dima’s long Workout Weekend with us in Spain and from Wednesday we will start publishing the series. We invited Dima to stay with us over the weekend to test some of the most brutal ideas for new workout routines sent by our members. In this weekend, we tested ideas sent by Richard who is a big fan of push-ups. Dima is an ideal candidate to try those workouts out. The first session will be 10-Count Push-up Challenge and you can see the detailed description of this challenge right here in the news section. The episodes are longer as usual as we want to bring all the challenges to you over the August. We apologise for the occasional quality issues in the camera, but instead of cutting them out we chose to maintain the complete routine. We are also glad to share some stunning images from the first workout. There will be more to be posted in the member section. Please keep your ideas coming: we are very excited to start publishing the first full member-recommended routine. Write us agency@fitcasting.com