From today we start publishing the next full workout of Dima’s Workout Weekend. This time, we are testing a brutally hard “13 minute Push-up Challenge” sent by Richard, who likes to test our model’s strength in doing push-ups. When previous challenge at the Spanish villa was about endurance and maximum amount of push-ups, then this challenge is about speed. The model must complete more than 200 push ups in 13 minutes, but in between push-ups there are mandator “holds”, that make this incredibly hard. Penalty for failing the challenge is divided into two: first the failure to meet the set time and second: penalty for losing perfect form or taking too many rests. For the first time, we are using here the Shiiko-Dachi stress positions. Join our member section to find out how Dima performed. We can already tell you that he had to do several rounds of penalty. We apologise for the shaky quality of this video – we had some technical problems with the camera, but we decided to show the full workout instead of cutting out the shaky bits. Let us know what do yo think of this routine by writing us at