It is the middle of the workout and Domantas adds the leg weights. His muscles are already aching and not only from intense workout but from the heavy use of whip by the trainer. Although we have worked Domantas out for countless times, this is a new situation for him but the trainer has decided not to cut any slack for the boy who is not performing to the required standard. In October, our members will finally find out if Domantas will ever work out completely nude. The answer to this question is “yes”.

We have chosen the “New Cardio Workout” for the first completely nude training for the boy. With its intense, increasingly difficult sets, the boy is expected to run, jump, squat – these free movements should make the boy learn to work out in nude without even a tiny loincloth covering his most sensitive parts.

But we start with stretches. The trainer wants the boy completely warmed up and loose before intense cardio routine begins. He has the stretch thoroughly. Eyes cast to the floor, the boy complies. We see that he is still somewhat uncomfortable with the required attire. Well, if this makes him comfortable, he will not like the rest of the rules.

The boy learns that he is not only expected to remain nude for the whole workout, but he must complete his sets with erection. He must keep a perfect form and he may not lose his erection or he will be punished.

The first impression is not disappointing. The question is if the boy can maintain the “required form” until the end of the set. To find out the boy must present himself in front of his trainer immediately after the set is complete.

Oh no! What a disappointment and it is only then when the boy learns that for the set to be counted as complete he must receive additional 25 gut punches. This is not a punishment, but a test for showing determination. The boy is expected to keep the hard-on during the punches as well.

Obviously, the boy has already failed his test, but that doe not save him from 25 gut punches. And now it is time for the punishment.

For losing the erection, the punishment this time is 25 lashes with riding crop on the pecs. The boy must count each lash.

The boy realizes that this is not going to be an easy experience. And this is just the first set of the first round and there is 4! The boy must show us his hard cock not only on treadmill, but in jumping jacks.

In squats.

In push-ups.

The trainer increases the weights and tempo, while making the boy to maintain his erection. By the end of the training his pecs, ass and abs are constantly bright red. While the intensity of the experience is probably very uncomfortable for the boy, it has one positive side effect: he has completely forgotten his shyness.

This workout really brings out the best in the beauty of Domantas. Domantas: New Cardio Workout starts playing in October.