In August we will bring you a total of several new amazing videos that will show a lot of hard, entertaining and creative ways to push our boys.

First of all, we are so glad to bring back Gleb who is going to start showing off his amazing body in Posing Workout.

Of course we keep him naked for the most part of the training so that our members can best appreciate the boy’s development from every angle without missing a single inch.

We also explain that as this is a show off exercise, the boy needs to keep all his muscles flexed during his poses. And we mean all the muscles.

Another exciting series is Tim’s training session. In this session Stas, who is one of our best trainers is showing us how he keeps his hand in shape in guiding our boys throughout the hard trainings.

Some of our trainings are so hard that Stas has decided that the best way to keep our boys motivated is a whip. But using a whip needs practice.

In this lengthy session, Stas has ordered one of his favourite trainees Tim to act as a simple training device – to allow him to practice his whipping skills. Tim has not done anything wrong, but he helps his trainer to become better in the usage of whip.

We will then take you to the gladiator school. Stay and Igor will engage in series of fights to act out an entertaining gladiator battle.

The video starts with boys showing off their bodies to the audience so that they can pick their favourite and compare the boys. You can see from their appearance that we have matched bulky and muscular Stas with much leaner, younger and slender Igor who appears to have a disadvantage.

It will be fun to watch if the apparent underdog can fight against the beast or will he be dominated. The boy has a motivation to fight back: every lost round means gut punches as a punishment.

And last but not least – our favourite boy Lukas will be back. As we have not seen him in trainings for a long time, we told him to give us a body update.

We wanted the update to be a punishment at the same time and what could be a better routine for that than “Lazy Boy”. This is a routine where the boy needs to hold seemingly endless stress poses that nicely bring out his muscles. He also needs to keep himself hard throughout the sessions.

Failures will be punished. Lukas will be back for more shoots with us and as you admire his body think about the ways we can train this boy more. And naturally, we are also waiting for any suggestions for punishments.