Meet Alexey: our New Face of December. Alexey will go through our full casting session and he is trying to impress you so that he could participate in the future shoots with our team. Because this is holiday season, we wanted to have an additional surprise in store for you and that is why Alexey will have a very special “outfit” for the castings. We hope you will enjoy the show and give him good feedback so that he could come back and shoot more with us.

Please do not forget to write us and let us know what you think of our new model! What workouts do you think he should go through? What would be the perfect outfit for him?

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Our New Face of December is a very special model Alexey. His body is pure muscle, he has gorgeous face and an impressive presence ideal for underwear modelling. We start his casting in the orange standard posing outfit, which we change quickly against the gladiator strap and mesh loincloth.

But in the third quarter of the casting we feel that even the gladiator outfit does not do the model justice. Then we tell Alexey to remove it altogether and continue the casting in nude. He does impress. We hope that our members approve this presentation. After all, December will be a holiday season and this is our first surprise out of many that we have in store for our loyal members.

Alexey: First Casting will start 1 December 2018.

Here is a small preview gallery.