We use this blog to give our members a little advance peak of the next month’s New Face in October who will be 19 year-old Igor. Although very young he looks like he is made of solid muscle. You can see he wants to please and he is not shy. We start with our regular orange underwear for the opening warm up scene and then switch to a new underwear that we thought to try for Igor’s casting. Immediately after the warm-up the boy changes into a black fishnet thong. It does not look like the right size – this time it seems big, but we wanted to please some of our members who have said that they prefer looser thongs in castings. As the casting develops, suddenly the the thong does not seem large at all – to the contrary it seems small! It is a fun new item and as we move in main video section more to loincloth and occasional nudity, it is fun to keep showcasing exotic underwear in the casting section. We hope you enjoy Igor’s presentation as he is truly very motivated and we would love to have him back for more shoots as he has a great potential for development.

Write your thoughts about Igor and his new underwear at agency@fitcasting.com – we really like to hear your feedback and ideas!