We have been very glad to receive all the ideas that you have sent us: we ask a little bit of patience as we publish the suggestions on the site and try them out in the video shoots. Among other suggestions, we have received several excellent and totally brutal workout ideas just on push-ups. As we thought who could be best to handle these very difficult challenges, we came to Dima.

He has already been through some of our most difficult routines and this seemed like a good fit. Also, because it is summer we decided to change the setting for this project: we will be shooting in a villa in Spain. Dima will spend one weekend in shoots where he will go through three extremely hard workouts, concentrating only on push-ups.

The workout challenges that he will need to perform are the following:

13-Minute Chest/Push-up Challenge

10-Count Push-up Challenge

Double-Inverted Pyramid Push-Up Challenge

We will start posting the descriptions of the workouts over June. Please: keep your workout challenges coming, what we have seen so far has been very creative and interesting. Write us at agency@fitcasting.com