Meet our new boy Danko! When he entered our office we could not wait to get this boy out of his clothes fast enough. Wearing just a tank top we immediately noticed the boy’s powerful biceps and broad shoulders.

We started the casting by making the boy to wear a completely transparent fishnet underwear. The first part: traditional stretching exercises. At the request of our members we have extended our casting with more extensive glutes posing and we were happy to notice how eagerly the boy was ready to present himself in any position required by the instructor.

For the stretches, we kept the boy in underwear and admired his form: all the poses presented were incredibly correct as if measured by a yardstick.

Increasing tempo, we moved on to squats and other aerobic exercises. For this we chose a tiny loincloth that would give the maximum freedom of movement to the boy.

We could start to notice the sweat break out on the boy’s shaved skin.

This is just the right moment to take some time off and admire the boy’s body while keeping him in a demanding stress pose. For this, the boy would be naked. He would not need his clothes for the rest of the casting.

The first nude exercises that the boy needs to perform are some of the most exposing stress poses like “Heron” and “Shiiko Dachi”- the reason for this is that we want the boy feel immediately comfortable in his nudity. Both poses require the boy to spread his legs wide: revealing his massive manhood.

From here on, the casting moves to the gym. The boy is still naked, except for a very tight rubber cockring which seems to have a very positive effect on the boy.

Danko’s performance in the gym is superb. We cannot get enough to see him in countless reps on the bench and behind various workout equipment.

The boy’s layer of bodyfat is so thin that you can practically see the muscles through his skin. When the boy presents after the workout we cannot really focus on any muscle group that needs extra attention.

The casting takes us back to the office. We continue exploring the boy and now with this perfect specimen, the question really becomes not what muscle group needs more training, but what muscle group being trained would our members enjoy most? Thighs, abs, chest, bicepsm triceps, back or something else? Write us and let us know what do you like to see Danko to do to please you?

In September we have another surprise. Since it is September, will take three of our very popular boys back to school for some basic training. We call this training “Cock School” and it is based on our popular “Lazy Boy” training.

The boys are in incredible shape. Look at Yaroslav how much he has grown. Those abs are made of steels. Look at the veiny, shredded Andy – what a feast to the eyes. And of course Dima, who always stays in a perfect shape.

This training is simple in the concept, but among the boys it is one of the least popular. Among our members, it is one of the most popular. It focuses on the boys’ cocks that they must keep erect while maintaining hard stress poses.

The exercise is pleasant to watch as stress poses are one of the best ways to display the boys, not to mention the competition aspect as the loser is the one who loses his erection or breaks the stress pose first. This exercise is difficult, but we have made it even harder.

First of all, the loser gets always punished. In this exercise we use gutpunches administered by the winner while the holder of second place in the round has to hold the loser in place as he takes his “punishment”.

Second, we have the boys to perform heavy bodyweight exercises between the rounds of stress poses, making keeping them even more difficult. But this is not all, there is a one more trick to make the boys’ life harder.

In the middle of the exercise, the boys are told to cum. Immediately after cumming they must continue in a stress pose while keeping an erection.

The stress pose that we have chosen is also physically the most demanding.

Dima has problems keeping the required form and must face the punishment. This is a great way to train our boys’ stamina and also perfect for enjoying their muscles struggling in stress poses and heavy workouts.

This is in addition to our other running updates: we update 3 times on weekdays and 4 times on weekends – that is 23 weekly new clips of our gorgeous musclehunks.

Please join us – we have also introduced a special USD 2.99 trial for those who want to find out about our content. We are sure that you will stay with us.