Some might have wondered what is going on with Ruslan in his Special Cardio Workout and why is he seeing so hard time. As the year is ending we are selecting the new Model of the Year. Ruslan, who has given us some brilliant workouts over the years wanted also be among the top finalists. As we went through his workouts, we discovered that his workouts are mostly done in solo, without any supervision. This might be unfair to other contestants who not only have had to endure brutal physical workouts, but have had to master hardons, receive gut punches and in some cases even whip lashes.

Ruslan still wanted to be considered among the finalists and asked us to design a special workout for him that would place him firmly among the top finalists for the Model of the Year Award. We figured that it must include all the hardships that his fellow trainees have endured and came up with a special workout that takes us to the beginnings of the Fitcasting.

Cardio Workout Challenge is one of the hardest routines ever designed for us, yet it was not very popular among the members as long runs and cardio exercises tended to bore the audience. So we decided that in Ruslan we had an excellent opportunity to make this routine more interesting. The basic concept is still the same: the boy needs to go through four rounds of cardio exercises, each round consisting of 3 sets (running, jumping jacks and squats) while he must carry increasingly harder weights. His result must be always better than previous sets or he must be punished. Several trainees managed to game the system, by doing initially lower reps than they could, so they managed to avoid the punishments, but not this time.

Here are the changes: first we decided that throughout the exercise session, the trainee must be completely nude.

Second, the trainee must keep hardon for the full set.

Third, the set is not completed by completing the exercise – upon completion of either running, jumping jacks or squats, the boy must kneel in front of the trainer, spread his legs and receive 15 gut punches. That will complete the set. As the trainee is kneeling in front of the trainer, knees spread wide, this provides a comfortable view to assess if he has managed his main task: to keep a hardon during the WHOLE set. We know that for Ruslan, it is easy to keep a hardon during jumping jacks, but can he control it while he is flexing his abs, trying to protect himself against gut punches?

Fourth, if the boy cannot keep a perfect form during a set, he is to receive 25 lashes with riding crop on his chest. To give away the ending: Ruslan fails every single time to keep the hardon and is to receive hundreds of whiplashes. The hardon, punches and whipping most definitely catch him up with the rest of the top contestants. If not then in the end, the trainee has an opportunity to demonstrate how much he really wants the Model of the Year award and how much he appreciates his training and how much more he is ready to entertain us.