You have probably noticed that it often falls upon Dima to be our test subject for the hardest workout routines and newest outfits. This November is no different: we bring back Dima to test our newest outfit. The boy who sported our first towel-inspired loincloth must now do away with something significantly skimpier: “the rope-loincloth”.

The rope design was suggested by one of our members who suggested something more entertaining than the “Gladiator Loincloth” and “Ganymede Loincloth”. Although we plan to continue using them both, an idea of a new, more revealing loincloth sounded intriguing.

We wanted to choose a hard workout for this trial and we decided for “Double Sets Challenge.” As you all remember, the challenge is recommended by a member who thought that we should really squeeze out the maximum from the boys during their 2.hour trainings and who designed a routine consisting of sets where the boys need to do two exercises at the same time.

From the very first second of the workout it is clear that the outfit is too small to provide any cover to Dima. But it is too late, the exercise has already started and the boy must carry on. Dima puts on a brave face and goes through the full routine. After some time, the tiny piece of clothing cannot hide how his initial shyness turns into excitement.

Dima: Double Sets Challenge starts playing on 13 November.