We are very glad of all the positive feedback we have already received on our blond beauty Jony. The boy had to go his first casting in Greece and because of our limited setting there, we could not organize a proper full length casting. But we still believed that the boy needs to be presented fully to our members’ evaluation. So we decided to use one of the classic workout session that does not require full gym to substitute part of the casting.

After the boy has completed the casting routines that were possible in the outside of the villa, he is ordered inside. Naked beauty inside a Greek villa with marble floors and stairs calls for one particular workout: the Ganymede Training. This workout is also designed to show off the boy’s body as he is trained as an imaginary house-slave, wine pourer of  Zeus whose task is to entertain the guests at the table.

Although our castings are usually done solo, we decided that Ganymede part would be best served while pairing up our young Jony with more experienced Gary. Not a full master, but a more experienced trainee, who could guide the boy through some of the most demanding poses.

Imagine a housboy like Jony in a villa serving his master’s guests. Surely the naked boy would be touched and caressed all over the body. Without the touching and human contact the training would not be realistic. It is Gary’s role to enact the hypothetical guests, who often let their arms rest on the boy’s tender skin and well-defined muscles.

The training is hard – the boy needs to work out with 5 liter water canister that strains his muscles and offers a wonderful play of young muscles. The boy is also required to keep a hardon – and we cannot help to admire the boy’s stamina. He does not need much help to perform as he is told.

We must also compliment Gary – with his hands all over the boy’s body he maintains almost constant physical contact. He really makes Jony feel as a servant and entertainer whose goal is to please and show off.

The boy must never forget that he is there to be trained as the wine pourer a job that requires great physical shape but also patience and preciseness. The boy must swing the open canister in all kinds of stress positions – imitation serving, offering the wine and actual pouring of the wine. The key is not to spill any of the contents of the canister. As the exhautsion sets in, the mistakes become more frequent.

The poses become more complex and often the exhausted youth cannot keep the water in the open canister. To stay correct to the historic context, the boy – who is being trained as an imaginary house-slave must face a proper punishment for his mistakes.

Gary starts with extra punishment push ups that are counted by riding crop. As the boy gets more tired and his mistakes grow more severe Gary introduces him to the flogger.

Although exhausted, the boy tries hard to please. The effort is not in vain: the boy has proudly earned himself a right to cum.

We hope you enjoy Jony who is trying to please you as well as he can. Take a look at his body and write us how do you think we should train him? What workouts in our current “menu” would you like him to go through or do you have some special suggestions?

And last but not least: because of the requests by many members, we have published a special video of Jony and Dima T in our shop – a preview of this erotic session will also be published this weekend. You can purchase the extra video here:


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