We are very proud to introduce Roman (George) as the New Face of October in Fitcasting. He is more muscular, but also very eager to get your points. Please grade him and also write us what you think of his performance and how we can train him more.

October brings you more surprises:

  • We have AJ starting “Lazy Boy Challenge”
  • Krill and Alex will go through a Rickshaw Boy Challenge – an exotic feast of strength and training from South-East Asia
  • Dima and Dima S start performing Close Body Contact Challenge from their Gladiator Camp Days
  • Mark will start serving as “Temple Boy”
  • And Yan – the loser of competition with Igor will face his punishment’

This is in addition to all the features that are already playing. Pleas join us and also let us know what you think – we love to hear from you! Our e mail is agency@fitcasting.com