We are very excited to bring you Anton as our new face for July. After Pavel who had his first casting in June, Anton is his exact opposite. Manly and muscular, he exudes confidence and power. But there are no exceptions: he too must first go through our casting routine to be admitted as a member of Fitcasting team and the members must first five their opinion on voting on his suitability. he represents a more harder look than most of our previous models, so we are really curios to hear your opinion.

In July there are many hot releases to watch out in the “video” section:

  • We bring back Aleksandr, our very popular model in the Animal Kingdom Challenge. But we decided to make things interesting and match him up with a competitor: our young model Kirill seemed like a perfect fit. He represents the same body type and it will be fun to watch who will beat whom in this heavy competition. There is also a judge to oversee the two competitors;
  • Alex and Kirill and Dima and Igor are two pairs who start spicing up our weekends with Close Body Contact workout routine from the Gladiator Camp
  • On 15th of July we will start with our special project with daily updates: Yan and Igor will have a competition. At first regular casting, moving on to more exciting routines. This is one of the longest projects that we have filmed and hopefully our members will be happy with the effort.

More stories and news are published in the member section. Let us know your feedback: we always love to hear from you: agency@fitcasting.com