In April, we are proud to bring Egor for the first casting. We are interested to hear from our members what do you think of our new model. Egor is very motivated and excited to impress our members and we hope that you will also be happy with his performance. We are also always interested in trying out new ideas – that is why Egor it testing our new “fishnet” loincloth. Let us know what do you think of this?

April will bring a lot more:

  • Dima S will start the Posing Workout that is our first Hot Spring Special
  • Ilya is continuing his Ganymede routine
  • Alex and Dima and Igor and Stas will start their Close Body Contact Workouts as part of Gladiator Training
  • Alex and Krill will step up in the Gladiator Challenge, fighting each other
  • And finally, Domantas will step in front of you in the Animal Kingdom Challenge

This is in addition to all the workouts that are already running from previous months.

Please keep us posted with your ideas, suggestions and comments and write us:

More previews available in the member section