In July we are very happy to bring you the casting of Roman. Let us know what do you think of this perfect male in training. Roman is trained in classical dance so we are very excited to watch his moves in our extra hard trainings. Kneeling stress pose helps us appreciate his body the best. We like his face – he is focused, he is processing mentally each task he is given. You can see that the boy is slightly uneasy with nudity, not to mention complete erection.

His abs are prominent but his arms and legs are slender – not shaped by heavy weightlifting. His chest can use some attention, too. but overall, a pleasant impression.

His cock is quite well presented, both in the stretching and gym segments. He is still not used to mentally focusing in both keeping his hard-on and doing perfect reps. Like here – the hardon is acceptable, yet the forom of the push-ups deserves punishment.

Naturally, his movements are great, we even make him makes some extra stretches as they are so pleasant to watch. Now, let’s take a look at behind.


His back is strong, but not obscenely so, waist is slim, and we can see the back muscles. Shall they provide sufficient protection from the whiplashes to come?

At the request of our members we have started to pay greater attention to the boys anal areas. It seems to be the feeling of ultimate nakedness. In these poses the boys really have nothing to hide and as such the poses are a great training in humility and obedience.

We can even detect a slight reluctance on the boy’s part when he is told to assume some of the most revealing poses. Is it embarrassment? The boy overcomes the humiliation and presents the required pose.

This puts a new meaning to the word “assessment” but here is Roman, presented to your complete assessment.

In the first casting we want to see the boys’ cum as well. Obediently, Roman produces a respectable load. It is now your turn dear members to express your opinion of the boy.