We are very curious to find out what do you think of our new boy for July – Anton. He is a complete opposite to our boy from June: Pavel. While Pavel was slim, slender and boyish, then Anton is muscular, manly and tough. When he appeared for our casting our initial thought was to reject him as we normally do not accept guys with tattoos – but when he removed his shirt and showed his pecs and abs – formed through brutal MMA trainings we simply could not resist to shoot him and show him to you. He was fun to train: despite his tough guy looks and attitude he was given no special treatment. For us he is just another boy in training who needs to follow all the rules to go through a casting. This means pleasing our members by putting on a perfect show and required attire, which included changing into loincloth. We hope that you enjoy this show and let us know what do you think of Anton at agency@fitcasting.com!