When Danko arrived for our casting wearing a sleeveless muscle shirt and tight shorts we wanted to get him naked immediately. But first, we still had the boy do some stretches in the underwear.

Our stretching routines are now very thorough and cover both sides of the body.

We liked what we saw from behind, but we were not too impressed with the look from the front. Perhaps the mesh net was too constraining?

So let’s get rid of those underpants and spread those legs for a little closer inspection. Not too bad!

But now, let’s see the hard cock.

There is probably no better position than the classic Shiiko Dachi to inspect the boy’s cock – at the same time having a pleasant view at the overall muscle development. Well, Danko dose not disappoint. His heavy, long cock is inviting to test some of the most intimate workouts that we have come up with.

But now, let’s get to the gym. Danko seems very comfortable here. And we cannot fault his body. Hi biceps, shoulders, pecs and abs are all very well proportioned.

The boy’s kneeling present is very good – biceps flexed, abs showing great promise, nipples aching for some “special” workout.

His standing present pose is even better. It is the well-presented abs that catch our eye first, the narrow waist, yet wide chest. Now we can see the massive thighs.

When told to cum, the boy produces a decent amount of sperm, but he is not allowed to clean it. First he must show it off in a stress pose, wearing it proudly like a badge of honour.

Next comes the Doggie Pose and we tell the boy to show himself off properly. The boy obeys.

We hope that you will enjoy Danko: both his strength and his beauty. Danko: First Casting starts in September.