Ruslan, our Model of the Year is about to finish his “bonus shoot” – the special award given to our “Model of the Year”. We decided that the last workout for Ruslan’s bonus shoot should be related to entertainment. After all, he is here to entertain us. The boy assumes “the doggie” pose and awaits his orders.

This time, we want to turn to the world of ancient Rome and put the boy through our fantasy “Gladiator workout”. A few years ago, we created a few workouts for a fantasy “Gladiator Camp” where we speculated how ancient Roman gladiators were trained. The most basic, but also one of the toughest and hardest workout that we created in this category is simply called “A Gladiator Drill”.

Gladiators were young male slaves forced to fight for the amusement and entertainment of the crowds. The fights were real and sometimes, the gladiators’ fate was left at the mercy of the crowd. The gladiators must not only be simply strong and fast, but they must win the hearts of the audience. The fights were real, so the fighters who were better able to tolerate pain definitely had an advantage. And finally, the gladiators were also slaves,which means that any disobedience was not tolerated by their masters. The Gladiator Drill addresses these four aspects: strength, pain, obedience and entertainment in one training.

The training starts with “presentation”. The trainee is told to assume a few classic presentation poses already known from the ancient slavemarkets that would better help the audience to appreciate the gladiators body. The viewers can assess the gladiator’s strength and advantages. The trainer uses his whip to make the boy display himself to perfection or sometimes to just “show off the goods”.

The trainee must realize from the very beginning that his job is not only to fight but also to entertain, he must win over the audience and show with every inch of his body that he is willing to please. Failure to keep an erection during show-off is clearly a mark in the negative column.

A couple of poses more and we are ready to start the workout. The training is organized into 5 rounds each round has 4 components addressing a specific skill necessary for the gladiator. The first component is strength. There, the trainee must make 100 or 200 reps of 5 different bodyweight exercises: leg raises, push-ups, mountain climbers, sitting crunches, bicycle crunches. In first round the boy must do leg raises in plank to train his strength. The boy is learning fast how to play the audience: his cock is now rock hard.

The second component in every round is dedicated to “pain tolerance”. After every exercise the trainee must assume some stress pose and receive a number of gut-punches from the trainer.We start from simple standing present, but the poses may get harder and harder.

The third component is dedicated to the obedience. The gladiators were slaves and any disobedience in slaves is usually punished. But taking punishment is a also a skill that the boys need to learn. So this means that after gut punching the boy must go through some whipping, the most usual form of punishment. To be absolutely clear – this component in the exercise is not related to any actual mistakes the trainee made. Taking the whipping is part of the training and is guaranteed in every set. The punishment for actual mistakes during the exercise follows later.

Finally the fourth part of the exercise is called “entertainment”. In this part we want the trainee to learn how to woo the crowd and win over as many hearts as possible. Like the whipping is the most common punishment, displaying a rock hard cock is the most common way to please the crowds. So the trainee must work his cock on the knees.


In doing so the boy must be believable. The trainer expects the cock to be hard fast and he does not want to see a gloomy look on the face of the trainee. A quick whiplash and the result is much better!

A couple of more strokes now land directly on the trainee’s cock. This means that the trainer expects the boy to be faster and happier next time!

Sometimes the trainer makes the boy to pose and flex showing his body off to the audience.

Every hard work is rewarded. At the end of the training, the boy is allowed to cum. Ruslan: The Gladiator Drill starts playing on 6 September 2020.

This ends the first “bonus shoot” that we planned for Ruslan. But we received so many letters with recommendations on what to do more with our model of the year and we decided to invite Ruslan back for more workouts: this time doing exclusively the scenarios written by our members. The scenarios were so cruel and hard that the second bonus shoot we decided to call “Ruslan’s Weekend in Hell”. The previews of this extremely intense experience will follow very soon!