When we first published Mikhail casting we were not sure that all the fans would like him. To the contrary! The response was so overwhelmingly positive┬áthat we decided to schedule 3 new video shoots with him immediately. One will be “First Casting Routine” that all Fitcasting.com models must go through, the second will be “Posing Workout” that we believe is the routine that best shows off the model’s body and because Mikhail is very very good at flexing it gives him a lot of chances to flex as this routine has mandatory flexing in every part of the workout. The third scenario is open and here we ask the help of our fans: let us know what workout you want Mikhail to perform. If you can come up with a full 2-hour scenario that we use, we will give away 1 year free membership! You can also recommend single poses, exercises and anything else that comes to mind. Some of the best ideas that we have used come from our members. So – Mikhail is waiting to fulfil your wishes: write us at agency@fitcasting.com and win 1 year FREE membership!