Mikhail has a lot to show as he goes through our “First Casting” routine. When Mikhail first appeared on Fitcasting.com, his very first session was cut short as he had to prepare to competitions. But as we promised our members, he did go through a proper “First Casting” routine as all our models. The session has 21 episodes and it will be playing until June. Mikhail is extremely motivated to gain maximum points from our members. He chose a blue silk speedo for the session, that has received unanimous approval from our members. Mikhail has an amazing body, he has a lot to show and he knows how to show it. He loves when he is pushed hard in exercises and our “First Casting” routine is just an ideal way to put his body through merciless workout. He shows that he is not just a mountain of muscle, but can actually endure hours of hard workout where he needs all of his strength to get through. His performance is almost perfect, but slightly slow in the end, earning him additional “penalty workout” on the cross trainer. We are almost sure that this will be one of the epic Fitcasting sessions. Please let us know what do you think of Mikhail and also, he is always waiting for more workout ideas that you can share with us by writing agency@fitcasting.com.