Ganymede Workout, Double Sets Challenge, 25 Challenge, Animal Kingdom Workout, Push-up challenges – these are all sessions that have been suggested by our members. Some of the best ideas to test and push our models to the limits have become by our fans whose creativity knows no limits.

As the new shooting season is about to start we invite our members to submit again new ideas: for the good workout ideas we offer 1 year free membership at!

Please let us know your ideas and make your dreams happen. Just keep in mind the following requirements:

  • One full session should run for at least 1,5-2 hours
  • The workouts should be highly watchable, combining clear rules, penalties and poses that are interesting for viewers
  • Keep the workouts simple: the trainees should easily understand what are their goals and for what they are punished
  • Use inspiration from stories: themed workouts are the greatest
  • If you do not have a theme of your own, consider the following that we are working on right now: partner bodyweight and body contact exercises; stamina enhancing exercises; ancient themes: gladiators, galley slaves, rickshaw boys, Sisyphus; exotic asian exercises – animal movements, exotic yoga and martial arts poses; wrestling and fights.

Don’t hold back – the harder and more exotic the ideas, the better! We will publish the best ideas in our member section!

Please e-mail your ideas at