February will be hot in Fitcasting. We will continue with the Gladiator theme as Dima and Stas perform their gladiator challenge. But the life in Gladiator camp will take Stas to a new very special workout session: Close Body Contact Training.

He has to go through this routine with Dima S. The idea of this training is to train gladiators to perform well in close body contact fights. It is known that some fighters may play “dirty” and use the discomfort that a close body contact makes to they opponents’ disadvantage. The goal of this training is to make the fighters in our camp immune to such tricks.

Over almost 2 hours, the trainees go through a sets of workout that is designed to use partner’s body as a workout instrument, support mechanism or simply a mirror. This set-up allows the trainees’ bodies to come often to very close contact.

To maintain the spirit of competition – the trainees need to outperform each other. Alex will be the judge and he will also have the right to assign punishments and penalty. (Usually in the form of additional workout or gut punches).

This workout routine shall be playing throughout the weekends – on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Dima S and Stas: Close Body Contact Workout will start playing 15 February 2019.