We were very happy with all the high marks you gave Igor for his performance in his First Casting. He was excited to get such a great feedback and of course he was also happy to learn that he will be invited back to more shoots. We decided to do it fast as Igor was in a great shape and ready to show off.

Probably you all noticed how his see through pants barely stayed on. He seemed to be wanting to get out of them as soon as possible. In the next shoot he gets the opportunity: he too will have a chance to work out in our new “rope loincloth”. It is very open and skimpy and you can see the tension building as the workout progresses. Igor surprises us with an unscheduled break at the very end of the video, but we decided to keep it as he seemed to be completely in his element. Let it be a little surprise. We will start with post-production of Igor’s next workout immediately and we expect to start showing it to our members starting 1 February 2019.

Here is a little preview gallery.