It is Monday and it is time to publish yet another idea from our members. Thank you for the excellent feedback we have been receiving to the ideas. This challenge is particularly hard and challenging, probably the hardest published so far. We have not yet selected a model to go through this challenge. Maybe you can help us and write, who would you like to be tested in this very hard session? And if you write us, make sure you include your workout ideas! Our e-mail is!

The workout goes like this:




Each exercise is performed in pyramid reps with a minimum 5 second hold between each step of the pyramid.

This should be one of the hardest workouts and if done correctly and may need a time limit of more than 2 hours!

Just in case you don’t know the terminology I used a pyramid rep set normally has 11 steps with a short timed hold between each step.

For example: Step 1 is 1 rep after completing the 1 rep you hold the position (in parentheses below) for 5 seconds.

Step 2 is 2 reps then a 5 second hold.

Step 3 is 3 reps then a 5 second hold.

This continues to step 11 then after completing 11 rep you go back down the ladder step 10,9,8,7..1 with a 5 second hold between each step.

The highest step can be changed if the workout needs to be lengthened or another set with a lower step can be added.


Here are the exercises in no particular order:

Push ups (hold with elbows bent at 90 degrees or smaller as long a chest isn’t on the ground)

Sit ups (hold with Body between a 25 or 65 degree angle)

Squats (hold with knees bent at 90 degrees)

Calf raises (hold with heals slightly off the ground or parallel to the floor if elevated)

Tricep Dips (hold with elbows bent at 90 degrees)

Pull ups (hold with elbows at 90 degrees or less)

Leg raises (hanging or floor) (hold legs at 90 degrees if hanging or 6 ish inches off the floor) (hanging preferred)

Shoulder shrugs (with 5-10% of the challengers body weight) (hold in the up position)

Rows (with 20% of the challengers body weight) (hold in the back position where muscles are flexed)

Chin ups (hold with elbows at 90 degrees or less)

Dead lifts with barbells (50 lbs each) or bar (100 lbs) (hold in the up position)(the thicker the grip the better. This should be last so grip strength is tested Heavily)

Failing to hold at least 5 seconds and not holding in a close to perfect form result in a penalty of 2 reps of the NEXT exercise listed. The penalty reps are to be completed at the end of that each exercise’s pyramid (so during the workout not after). Failure to complete a pyramid or the extra reps added results in a 3 minute run which has to be completed before going on to the next exercise.


All pyramids, penalty reps, and penalty runs have to be completed within 2 hours every minute over the time limit results in 2 push-ups.

Then the trainee must assume Shiko-Dachi stress position, keeping arms stretched at the sides, holding small weights for the time he went over required 2 hour limit.

If the trainee fails to keep the position (breaking form, lowering arms, etc) he must stay kneeling, arms behind his head 5 minutes for every mistake in stress position.