Every Monday, we will publish one workout idea that has been submitted by one of our members and that we will try out on our models. This push-up challenge, that is extremely hard and cruel was submitted by our member Richard. Please keep your ideas coming as we love to hear from them. Write us at agency@fitcasting.com!

This idea will was tested again on Dima during his “Workout Weekend” in Spain and it went like this:


This pushup challenge is especially difficult, harsh, cruel and brutal to truly test the strength of the trainees.

A warm-up is recommended for 10 minutes: stretching and anything else the trainee wants to do to prepare knowing he will be doing many difficult pushups.

The trainee starts the 10 count pushup in the up-pushup position. He then slowly goes down an inch at a time counting aloud 1 through 10 (going down 1 inch each second). At the down position (an inch above ground), again he counts aloud 1 through 10, 1 count per second, then starts up an inch at a time counting aloud 1 through 10 (10 seconds). Each pushup must last a total of 30 seconds.

The trainee will be required to do 100 of these pushups in 50 minutes (as each pushup takes 30 seconds, he will be doing 2 pushups each/every minute). Obviously, these pushups must be continuous. If not, he will go over the time allowed and will be punished. A loud second clock can be used as background.

Penalty session

The punishment is the following. The trainee will continue until all the 100 pushups are done (however long it takes), then he must change in penalty underwear and perform the following penalty session:

1) 20 more of these 10 count-30 second pushups

2) 1 jumping jack for every second over time

3) 2 sit-ups for every second over time

4) Perform a 12-minute Shiko-Dachi stress penalty routine:

– Assume Shiko Dachi position holding small weights, the trainee may never break the Shiko-Dachi position, only move his arms that hold small weights (water bottles) at required times as follows:

– Arms fully stretched at sides (2 minutes)

– Arms at the 90 degree angle, biceps flexed (2 minutes)

– Arms in front (2 minutes)

– Arms stretched upwards (2 minutes)

– Arms in front again (2 minutes)

– Arms at the side (2 minutes)