Dear members of Fitcasting!

We want to wish you a Happy New Year!

Thank you for being a member and your continued support. We strive to bring you even more enjoyment and entertainment in the new year!

With the New Year’s wishes we are happy to announce that by overwhelming vote our top model Ruslan was chosen as the Model of the Year 2020!

This means that Ruslan is now entitled to a bonus shoots where we want to showcase his body to the maximum, pushing every limit and boundary. Dear friends – send us your recommendations of what would you like to see Ruslan do for you?

We start showing off our new model of the year in 3 January with a very special “Temple Boy” workout – shot in the same gym where Ruslan started. Some preview photos of this upcoming shoot are included. And there will be a lot more to come.

Other models who also deserve mention were Dima, Pavel, Alex, Vova and several others. They all will have a chance to prove themselves in upcoming shoots and fight for a title in the next year!

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, dear Fitcasting fans!  We are glad that you have stayed with us and supported throughout the last year. This has made it possible to publish 2200 video clips and almost 1000 casting clips!

In the New Year we continue in the same pace – at least 4 updates per day (including castings) and even hotter content.

January will be full of exciting videos and workouts. Ivan D will finish his full body workout, Vlad continues his Ganymede workout and so is Sebastian. In the end of December, we started to show Alex’s Animal Kingdom Workout which will probably be one of the most popular videos ever published.

You will see updates also with Domantas and Ilya. But in January we will start with several new videos: First, on 5 January Lukas will start his “Gladiator Abs” workout, on 11 January Dima and Stas will start their “Gladiator Challenge” workout. This will be the first introduction to our new Gladiator theme that will run through 2019. You read more and see preview photos in the member-only blog.

But we also continue with our “traditional” workouts: AJ will start the “Animal Kingdom” workout and our very popular Igor is back with 25 Challenge. And finally Dima will start his Ganymede Challenge – another exciting workout.

Last but not least, on January 13, 2019 Pavel will start the “Abs and Glutes” workout and at the request of so many of our members, he will be wearing also our signature loincloth. We have more surprises for January as it is our birthday month. Stay tuned!