We thought that it would be interesting for the members when we discuss the workout routines that our boys go through in more detail. Some of them may be confusing and hard to follow otherwise.

Let’s start with the “Hold and Move Challenge” that Dmitry and Stas will begin this September.

The idea of the training is to build the team spirit through competition and also to get the boys comfortable with each other bodies. The work

out involves a lot of “holds” – standing still and showing off the body and “moves” – movements that again help to show off the body. The routine also involves a lot of touching as during every break the boys must oil each other or make each others skins wet.

Part 1 – Warmup 

The routine starts with a warmup, flexing and stretching, but also first oiling. The partners may not oil themselves: they must do it with the other partner.

Part 2 – Leg Raises – who can do more? 

Competitors start to make leg raises, slow and controlled: (up – spread – together-down Not TOUCHING FLOOR!) then interchange with holds. The winner of the competition is the boy who can do more reps!

Like every workout, also this one involves penalty: Loser must make 50 push-ups. The penalty is done immediately after the set. This makes the loser more tired and gives him disadvantage for the next set, then again he is more motivated to do better, ensuring more intense competition and effective training. 

Rest and flexing for 2 minutes. Trainees oil each other and flex some more.

Part 3 – Plank 

For 7 minutes – who can hold a longer time in plank position? The one who has more breaks is loser and must do 25 sit-ups for every break he has more than the winner.  

Rest and flexing for 2 minutes. Trainees oil each other and flex some more.

Part 4 – Arm wrestle 

Trainees arm-wrestle, exchanging arms for 7 minutes. 

Loser must do 25 push-ups after EVERY match and then continue

Rest and flexing for 2 minutes. Trainees oil each other and flex some more.

Part 5 – Squats 

Trainees must do squats for 7 minutes with holding small weights in outstretched arms and balancing a stick or cane that cannot fall down. The trainee that loses the cane more or takes more rest is loser and must do 10 jumping jacks for every time he dropped the stick.

Rest and flexing 2 minutes.

Trainees oil each other and flex.

Part 6 – Wall Sit 

The trainees are 8 minutes in wall-sit position holding small weights and also balancing a cane or stick in their arms. 

The winner is who loses the position the least number of times. Losing of position may be dropping the cane, or breaking the position. 

Loser must stay in “PLOW POSE” for 2 minutes

Trainees oil each other and flex. 

Part 7 – Kneeling arm raise 

The trainees are with the backs to each other. They are kneeling and stretch arms at the sides holding small weights. They must hold position for 7 minutes. The loser is the one who drops his arms most. 

The loser must do “Downward Dog” for 2 minutes.

Trainees oil each other and flex.

Part 8 – Cooperation

Trainees face each other, on the floor between them is medical ball (or basketball) they must get the ball up between their chests by using only their bodies, not arms. They must hold the ball for 1 minute. They must repeat this for 3 times and each time must be better. If the next times take more time they both must do 50 push-ups for each time it took more time to get the ball up. The exercise is fun to watch – the easiest, fastest and most comfortable position to get the ball up means that the boys’ lower abs must meet for a long period. Are they willing to get there?

Part 9 – Wrestling

Trainees oil each other. Then trainees wrestle for 12 minutes. Free wrestling. The one who wins most sets is winner. If there is no winner, both competitors must pose naked for 5 min. 

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