For the second year in row, Dima is the Fitcasting 2019 Model of the Year! he received most supporting e-mails and messages from fans and members. Our jury agreed: Dima has consistently pushed his limits, has stayed in shape for years, his attitude at shoots is perfect and he has introduced the most new workouts. He is also mentoring our younger models and encouraging them to perform better.

We have now several plans with Dima: as it is customary, Model of the Year will spend a weekend at our villa, going through at least 3 arduous workouts. But we want our members to suggest what would you like Dima to do, what to wear and what his penalties should look like. In coming months we have also planned to publish some of the early, yet unpublished footage with Dima’s early “private workouts”.

Dima will also perform in some of our new upcoming workouts and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. We have now included a special photo gallery of Dima in our recent shoot in Thailand!