As our members know our Model of the Year and top model Dima won a video shoot in Thailand. Because of the exotic setting and Dima’s great shape we decided to do something very special for our members. We combined some of the ideas and suggestions from our members and introduced some of our own and tested a brand new workout routine “The Animal Kingdom Challenge” on Dima.

This is probably the hardest workout we have created so far, at the same time it is the most exotic and also entertaining. During the workout the trainee must imitate 18 exotic animal movements. The movements must be perfect or this is followed immediately by penalty workout. Now the trainee must do penalty workout right after his mistake: making the whole routine much harder.  The movements grow in difficulty: this means more penalty and even greater uphill battle to complete the task.

The shoot in Thailand was meant as a prize but it turned out to be a lengthy penalty session. For the first time, Dima is introducing a new outfit: an improvised loincloth that we decided would be more fitting with the exercise routine and setting. We will publish the first members-only preview of the workout this weekend. The whole workout will start playing as our Spring Special from April 1, with daily updates! Let us know what do you think of the workout routine and Dima’s outfit by writing at