Several members have written us that they wish to see more exciting workouts on the weekends, when there is more time to enjoy the content and that there would be something to look forward to. We have now decided to include more hot content for the weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and have added one more Close Body Contact routine to the April program.

Igor and Stas are not an equal pair, and this is what makes this workout so exciting. Under Dima’s watchful eye, the boys battle hard but there always seems to be one winner: Stas dominates young Igor completely. This means that it falls to Igor to receive most of the penalty gut punches for poor performance from Dima while Stas is holding his opponents arms still. But this is how tough gladiators are trained and Igor does not seem to mind.

In this highly entertaining routine you can see Igor develop his skills as he tries to measure up with Stas.

Igor and Stas: Close Body Contact Workout starts playing on April 5, 2019.