In the gladiator camp, it is now time for Alex and Dima to step up and rehearse close body contact workout. We described the new gladiator routine in detail in one of our previous blog posts that you can find below, but the idea is to train the boys to be comfortable with close body contact that gladiators participating in fights, must be comfortable with. The workout includes number of sets interchanging with penalties to the loser, where the partners use each other bodies as workout instruments.

We have always wanted to put Dima and Alex into competition with each other and Close Body Contact training seemed like a perfect opportunity. From the very beginning of the warm-up the results are excellent. The routine is interesting, exciting and enjoyable to watch. Kirill, in the role of supervisor is tough, but fair.

We have included a preview gallery of this stunning routine.

Alex and Dima: Close Body Contact Training starts playing on April 5 – every weekend.