Tommy’s first casting was met with mixed reviews. Some members found him too cocky, some too slender. The question arose: is this boy Fitcasting material? Before we decided to finally accept the boy to our stable, he had to prove himself in series of test workouts where we passed the boy through the hands of three of our most experienced trainers: Dima S, Stas and finally Timur. He is our newest but in some ways most cruel trainer. He will conduct the final test for the boy, who is posing in front of the treadmill.

The boy is told to strip and get to the treadmill. Today, we are doing cardio workout. But it will not be a usual cardio workout, we call it “Hard Cardio Workout”. The reason we call the training this way is simple: during every exercise, the boy must maintain a hardon. The trainer’s goal is to make the boy’s life as difficult as possible and come up with challenges that the boy must meet. Failure to do so will mean punishment for the trainee. Let’s see how it goes.

The first set is over. The boy has run for over 10 minutes and kept a respectable hardon. But the trainer makes his life more difficult: instead of considering the exercise done he tells the boy to assume “Full Present” pose where he must receive 25 gut punches. The trainer explains that only after 25 punches is the set finished, and the poor boy must maintain his erection while receiving the punches. he must present his cock on the knees.

The trainer notices immediately that the boy has lost his required form. Such disobedience needs to be punished. Is fair to the boy? Is it really possible to keep an erection during a jog and especially 25 gut punches where the boy is mostly concentrated in flexing his abs to protect himself from the punches? This is not important. The goal of the training is not only physical – we want to test the boy’s mindset, his ability to obey to his trainer.

As the boy receives his first punishment: whiplashes on the thighs, he learns that he is not to question his trainer’s orders. He is to obey completely and accept gratefully the ordeals and punishments that the trainer has designed for him.

After jogging the boy must perform several sets of other cardio or bodyweight exercises: jumping jacks, squats, sit-ups and push-ups. The rules are the same for each set: the boy must present his “correct form” after receiving 25 gut punches.

This leads to more punishments: the trainer has dedicated a special part of the body for each set: when mistakes in jogging are punished on thighs, then mistakes on push-ups on the chest and so on. Finally the boy gets the hang of the exercise and he is getting more motivated to keep his “required form”

Oh no! The cruel trainer has another plan to make the boy’s life harder. When the boy has completed his first round of exercises (plus gut punches and whipping), the trainer explains that the results in the next round must be better than in the previous round. Even if the boy manages to keep his hard-on, he must also show better results. To make it more interesting, and also harder for the boy to attain his goals, the trainer makes the boy wear heavy wrist weights.

Timur keeps a careful eye on the boy’s time, form and tempo. Equipped with heavy wrist weights, the boy must now run much faster, but still keep his hard-on. He must also perform more push-ups, sit-ups, squats and jumping jacks.

This is a game between the trainer and the trainee. The trainer’s goal is to maximize the boy’s punishment while the boy’s goal is to avoid it. Needless to say, in the second round of exercises the boy must kneel in front of the trainer for punishment after every set. Timur’s strategy works.

For the third round, the trainer adds leg weights. These will slow the boy down quite a bit, but the rule is that now the boy must be even better than in the second round and the boy must still keep the hard-on. This is an exam. The boy may leave any time, but we are pleased to see how eagerly he tries to please his trainer. He knows that he will probably be punished, but nevertheless he gets his cock hard and starts the jumping jacks.

The boy presents his ass for whipping. It may be surprising, but the punishment serves also as an element of relaxation. Our trainers like to use whipping as during this time the trainee can take a deep breath before his next ordeal. Also, whipping motivates bloodflow and relaxes the muscles – there is a reason whipping is historically used to motivate faster movement.

The final round is going to be extra hard. Timur fits the boy with heavy backback that is filled with 20 kg of weights. This is on top of wrist and leg weights. Without a question or protest, the boy obeys.

Those squats must be extra hard, yet the boy keeps going. He is punished after every single set, but he takes his punishments like a man, showing that he obeys his trainer completely.

When the boy presents himself for the final gut-punches we see something very pleasant. Timur’s work bears fruit. The boys muscles seem to have grown in front of our very eyes. The training has brought out the boy’s massive abs, superb pecs and strong thighs. This is also a statement to all the critics: the boy is strong, motivated, obedient and handsome. After this workout,  the boy has certainly earned his place in our stable.

What is the best way for the boy to show his gratitude? For the training, for being accepted to the stable? At the same time what is the best reward for a 19 year old boy kept for 2 hours in sexual arousal? Tommy cums right there on the treadmill, without removing his backpack or legweights. Welcome to the stable, boy!

Tommy: Cardio Training Under Whip Starts Playing on 19 June 2022