When Aleksandr heard that the next workout in Thailand camp will be in underwear he was probably relieved that he is about to perform one of the classic and softy workouts. He could not be more wrong.

The Restrained Workout is anything but easy. Designed entirely by one of our members, the goal is to put the trainee into unusual poses and movements to show off the boy’s body in fresh, new angles. The member who designed the workout, is also an underwear fan and his wish was that the boy perform the workout in his underwear. We chose something that would be pleasing and to emphasise Aleksandr’s prominent features, the boy was given one number smaller item. The briefs did not do a very good job of holding its contents, which made Aleksandr’s struggle even more fun to watch.

The idea of the workout is very simple. The boy must move across the wooden terrace with one or several limbs restrained, at the same time balancing a weight. For example, a simpler task – balancing a water bottle on the back while moving across the terrace by using two hands and one leg. Right leg must be held up.

the benefit of this exercise is exposing the boy’s ass, back, thighs and triceps in a situation that we normally cannot observe. The downside of course is that even this simple task is hard to perform to perfection. The bottle may slip off the trainee’s wet back, the right leg may inadvertently touch the ground. So many possibilities for punishment! For this we have invited Vova, who can show off his cruel side with a bamboo cane, which is applied immediately when he sees his trainee make even a slightest mistake.

Another task: again, moving across the terrace by using two arms and one leg, but this time so that we can admire the abs, chest, shoulders and biceps.

Vova decided to “help out”: the heat and humidity of Thailand is almost unbearable and the terrace is dry and hot. So he decides to splash some cold water over his trainee to “cool him down” and help him move. Of course this makes the floor more slippery and body wet – making it harder to keep balance. Not to mention break the trainee’s rhythm.

There is something incredibly sexy in seeing younger boy training and disciplining taller, stronger and older trainee. And Vova takes his tasks extremely seriously. After every set his “boy” must submit to additional punishment – either his abs, thighs or chest feel the bamboo cane, if Vova is not pleased with his trainee.

The exercise is progressing in hardship. Every new task is harder and after every set the trainee is left with less limbs that he is allowed to use in movement. Now, the boy is allowed to use just his right leg to move.

Here, the boy must reverse crawl across the terrace with NO use of either arms of legs.

Here, the boy must crawl across the boy must again move without using his arms or legs, but this time showing his ass and back. Of course, it is critical that the floor be wet to allow any movement, so Vova is not holding back with the water.

Another great pose – weights in both hands, legs wide. Great view of lower abs, chest and biceps.

One of the hardest poses: the boy must crawl across the terrace by holding two weights up in his arms and also legs up so that the knees cannot touch the floor. Even in very wet and slippery floor this is hard to achieve perfectly, so in addition to constant stream of water Vova has to use his cane a lot to get his trainee to move.

This is a true feast for those who love underwear, show-off and unusual workout routines. This is also a reminder, that please keep sending your ideas, however hard or impossible: we love to try them out on our boys! Write us to agency@fitcasting.com with your ideas.