The fans of Lukas may be happy: we have brought him back after the boy had a small injury. The injury was not serious, but unfortunately did not allow the boy to work out properly.

So, first we decided to assess the boy – both his shape and motivation. The boy has lost a significant amount of muscle mass, but most disturbingly, we discovered that he had also lost some motivation.

We decided to use the not so intensive, but entertaining Temple Boy workout for Lukas’ return. The workout is not physically demanding, but it has a variety of poses that would expose the boy from every angle. However, we noticed that the poses were sloppy. Look at the pose above: back is not straight, the chest is not flexed, you can see traces of fat on the abs. And most importantly, although the boy was given a cock ring to remind him that his role is also entertain the viewers, his cock is hidden behind the ankle.

There was only one way to handle this “refresher course” and trainer had to bring out the whip. Quick lashes on the chest, abs, thighs and back resulted in more-less acceptable position. But not god enough to allow the perfect view. The new pose and quick lashes were there to remind what is expected of the boy. In our stable there is no place for shyness!

With his weak start the boy had condemned itself for the failure. Now, the trainer was only seeing minor points to correct and the lashes kept coming even in admittedly perfect poses.

Instantly, the boy is not only reminded of the brutal workouts that he must endure, but he is constantly reminded that he is there to perform to the pleasure of the viewers.


And again.

And again.

And again.

We have to admit, we love playing with this boy. And it was fun to watch it all come back to him. He is a quick study.

By the end of the training we can see that he is trying really hard to come back. And we can’t wait to put him through some of our newest ordeals.

Lukas: Temple Boy Workout starts playing on 18 May 2020.