It is entirely fitting that Dima – our two times “Model of the Year” will step forward in the next new movie in the “Model School” fantasy series. This time the boy is trained to imitate 10 famous male statues. We have seen this workout already with Ruslan, but in his Model School, our Stas has added a few twists to make the training more fun.

First, Stas has decided to use not one but two trainers. His assistant Alex will also be in charge of keeping Dima in line and in required shape. Second rule is that Dima must keep an erection for an entirety of the training. Bu instead of walking around and jacking off, it will be the trainers who make sure that the boy keeps the required form.

The training is simple: as male models the boys need to learn posing. For hours, they need to keep still while they are filmed or pictured. Also they need their posing skills and the goal of the training is to basically teach the boys to keep still. For this, they must pose as 10 famous male statues. Each for 3 minutes. The rule is that they must remain completely motionless or they will be punished.

But Stas has added a twist. Sometimes the trainers may not notice the mistakes. Afterall they are also humans and all humans make mistakes. For this has Stas brought out a motion sensor. Look at the floor. Whenever the boy moves, the sensor lights up. The punishment is calculated by the times the motion lights up. The first statue is “David” and even this easy pose causes the sensor to light up. Moving on to the next pose: “Surrender”.

We have selected the statues so that at least half of the poses would be extremely revealing highlighting and exposing the body to the maximum. The other half of the poses are chosen for fun. Those are poses that is just hard to keep. Like this one below: “Flute Player”

But Stas is not happy and he thinks the pose is too easy. So he orders Dima to wear wrist weights to make the exercise even more difficult for him. And surely, the light sensor on the floor lights up.

It is not only that the boy must keep motionless, but he must convey also a correct and true image of the statue he is depicting. Trying to stand still, but then again trying to convey the perfect pose means that the stubborn sensor will light up again! This is “Bacchus” above.

The famous “Discus Thrower”. But Dima’s pose is an insult to this masterpiece. As we can see, he has caused the motion sensor to light up and also is exhibiting an imperfect pose. This sure means penalty!

This statue is called “The Kneeling Man” and from the sound of it one may assume it offers a chance to rest. But to the contrary it is a balancing act that requires the power of all the boy’s muscles. Look at the veins popping in the boy’s arms as he is trying to balance himself on the hot tiles.

Time to depict some movement: “Javelin Thrower” combines both goals exposing the boy to the maximum and being just plain hard workout. Look at the boy’s thighs and his chest.

“The Athlete” is chosen purely for aesthetic purposes. There was a discussion if allowing boy to wear a cockring is making it too easy for him to keep the required erection and should not be done. But in the end of the day, Stas decided to have Dima to wear the cockring as it makes his impressive equipment to proudly stand out adding to his exposure and hopefully pleasing our viewers.

The final statue is “Hero”. Here we can truly say that Dima reminds us a great marble statue. We could make him stand like this for hours and just admire him. When the boy thinks that the workout is over, he is mistaken. Stas informs him, that since he made mistakes in all the poses, he must repeat all of them, but there is a twist.

Do you notice a difference? Stas and Alex have added two clothespins to Dima’s nipples. The pain from the biting pins makes it ten times harder to keep motionless. This is both punishment for previous failures, but also a gateway to more suffering.

Scroll up and compare Dima’s previous “Surrender”. you can notice that by adding pins, the boy’s pose has more tension, it conveys much more realistic image.

And now compare the “Flute Player” – great pose but this is still not enough for Stas. He wants to keep pushing the boy. What now? What cruel idea has crossed Stas’ mind?

He fills a water bottle with water and attaches some rope to it. He grabs the boy’s cock and balls and ties the bottle to it.

This little trick does not cause more discomfort to Dima – lthough it obviously does. But it makes keeping still infinitely more difficult. As the bottle hangs between the boy’s legs he must keep extra still. Even the slightest wind or movement causes it swing like a pendulum, making the sensor light up and adding to the punishment.

The final round is extra fun. Here the the boy must learn what it really means to be a statue and ignore his complete objectification. As Stas and Alex both milk the boy he must keep a perfect form in a pose of their choosing.

Can Dima face this last challenge keeping himself motionless?

Alas, he forgets himself during climax and drops his arms. We all know what that means… After pleasure will follow pain. But this is waiting Dima already in the next training!