In this October, starting with our very popular model Michal, we will start a new theme in our workouts: Gladiator Challenges. The new theme is inspired by your feedback, suggestions and requests. First the ancient theme with Lukas’ Ganymede Workout was extremely well received. Likewise the highly entertaining Animal Kingdom Workout received high marks and introduced us to loincloth, which also was very very well received. Most of the feedback given was extremely positive on the hard time given to young Lukas in Ganymede training, Sebastian in Second casting and when we asked members to suggest their ideas on penalties and punishment, then one suggestion kept coming back: gut punching.

We decided to experiment and introduce several routines that we decided to call gladiator trainings. This brings us back to ancient theme again and we asked ourselves how to train a good gladiator? We figured it had three components to start with: strength, entertainment and pain tolerance. The gladiators were fighters for entertainment. First, to prevail in their fights, they had to be strong: and this is reflected in our trainings as well. The boys are shown no mercy in their workout routines. Second, to please the audience, they had to be entertaining, setting very clear limits to the outfits: in gladiator workouts we use only loincloth. We started with Ganymede loincloth, but decided to trim it shorter. The poses and routines chosen are deliberately designed to show off the boys’ bodies as much as possible. And third, they were not olympian athletes, they were fighters. And this means that in order to win they had to have a very good pain tolerance. To achieve this we decided to introduce gut punching in our gladiator trainings. It does increase pain tolerance and is also a great way to show off the boys’ bodies: even after arduous workout they find strength to flex their abs to maximum in anticipation of a punch.

We decided to start with individual trainings and chose Michal who needed some extra motivation to get his abs in top shape. We called his training the “Gladiator Abs Workout” and it starts playing on 6 October 2018. We will make an extra post of this very special workout routine. But although individual trainings were fun, we wanted to have the boys work out in pairs and actually simulate fights. We started with Dmitry and Stas who will be entertaining us in the Gladiator Workout Challenge that starts running in the end of October.

This is a great theme for workouts and offers endless opportunities for development. Who would you like to see in gladiator training? Whom would you like to see fighting? Write us at!