We are glad to announce that Dima is Fitcasting 2017 Model of the Year! He has consistently received the best ratings from our viewers, often earning full 5 stars for his clips. He is not afraid to take on the hardest challenges and he is not shy to show off his body. Dima has tested many of the brutal workout ideas sent by our members that we thought are impossible.

We include an extended preview gallery of photos of Dima: our members will see a selection of special galleries of Dima in the coming months.

Dima’s title is well deserved. But this does not mean any special treatment: so it happens that when we announce Dima as the model of the year he will start his special penalty session on our site. If you remember then several of our members were not happy with Dima’s performance during his extended workout weekend and we invited our members to suggest a suitable penalty. In Cyprus, Dima had a chance to pay the penalty with a special “Penalty Workout Challenge”. The challenge is very hard and starts by weighted plank position and the next exercises depend on how well the trainee endured the plank for 10 minutes. The sets are also hard and dynamic – the number of reps in the next sets always depends on how well the trainee performs in the previous set. The trainee can “trade” the harder set to a very special posing session where the author of the routine can decide the attire of the trainee.

We hope that you will not be disappointed in Dima’s performance this time, but if you are then you can suggest another penalty! As a model of the year, Dima has earned a special shoot in Thailand that will happen in February. We already have several workouts planned, including the one designed to improve his Shiko Dachi position. But let us know what would you like to see and we will try to make this happen!

Thank you for your support. We are also glad to say that soon, you can support Dima by ordering his private videos. Stay tuned!