As you may remember we invited you all to suggest workout ideas for Mikhail. The response was good and we have published some of the ideas. Here is the best idea we have received so far from our member C.W., who won a free membership for 3 months. But please keep your ideas coming in! We would love to test them!

Here is the winning scenario. It is called “The Mind Game Challenge”. We love that it is complex, but highly watchable. It is challenging not only physically, but also psychologically. It combines classic workout with exotic elements – special thanks for suggesting the use of Shiko Dachi pose. We will probably introduce it in all the castings. We can’t wait to shoot this scenario very soon. Of course we will bring it to you in the member section. If you have any feedback or suggestions just write us at


“The Mind game Challenge”

They key to this particular scenario is that the model should not know how long each Round will last or what is coming next. This is especially important since some of the last Rounds of exercise are cruel twists on what happened before during the workout. Here’s the outline:

Warm-up: Treadmill Jog. (10 mins.)


Round 1 (15 mins.)

Treadmill Intervals:

1) Sprint for 60 secs. (95% of max effort)

2) Jog for 30 secs. (60% of max effort)

Repeat 10x (15 mins. total)


Round 2 (15 mins.)

1) Clapping Push-ups for 30 secs.

2) Jump Squats for 30 secs.

3) Lunges (w/ 25% of bodyweight) for 30 secs.

4) Squat Press (w/ 25% of bodyweight) for 30 secs.

5) Burpees for 30 secs.

6) Rest for 30 secs.

Repeat 5x (15 mins. total)

[Record max reps for each exercise. Use this information in Round 7.]


Round 3 (5 mins.)

Static Hollow Body Hold


Round 4 (5 mins.)

Shiko-dachi (3 position static bicep curl hold w/ 15% of bodyweight)

Position 1: arms fully extended

Position 2: elbows at 90 degrees

Position 3: arms fully contracted


Round 5 (??)

300 push-ups for time

[Record this time for Round 10.]


Round 6 (20 mins.)

Treadmill Intervals:

1) Sprint for 60 secs. (95% of max effort)

2) Jog for 15 secs. (60% of max effort)

Repeat 16x (20 mins. total)


Round 7 (15 mins.)

[Must complete Max Reps from Round 2 for each Exercise.]

1) Clapping Push-ups (max in 30 secs.)

2) Jump Squats (max in 30 secs.)

3) Lunges (w/ 30% of bodyweight) (max in 30 secs.)

4) Squat Press (w/ 30% of bodyweight) (max in 30 secs.)

5) Burpees (max in 30 secs.)

6) Rest for 30 secs.

Repeat 5x (15 mins. total)

[As a penalty, for every exercise that he fails to reach his max, add 30 secs. to round 8.]


Round 8 (5 mins. + penalty from Round 7)

Static Hollow Body Hold (weighted w/ 10% of bodyweight)


Round 9 (??)

Shiko-dachi (“Spelling Bee” w/ medicine ball 20% of bodyweight)

[Must correctly spell-out a series of difficult words with a medicine ball held out in front of them. Must correctly spell 7 words to complete this round. Every time they break shiko-dachi form, add 1 word that they must spell correctly.]


Round 10 (??)

3 Position Push-up Hold

[Must hold the push-up position for the amount of time it took to complete the 300 push-ups during Round 5. The model must keep his back flat as a board throughout the exercise. Every time the model breaks form during this exercise, add 1 minute to their time.]

Position 1: Top of Push-up Position, Arms fully extended

Position 2: Push-up position, half-way down to the ground

Position 3: Push-up position, chest almost touching the ground

[Model must NOT let knees or chest touch the ground, or raise his butt, during this exercise! Back must remain flat as a board or he assesses a penalty.]