Will Pavel ever get in loincloth? We have heard this question a lot from our members. So we decided to invite Pavel for a workout and get him to the outfit that so many of you have asked about. First, we toldĀ  Pavel that he was about to go through the dreaded abs and glutes challenge, it is one of the hardest on Fitcasting where the trainee must spend a lot of time in plank and other stress poses, showcasing his abs and glutes.

The highlights of the training are certainly various leg raises in plank position, highlighting the muscles all over the body. Second, we informed Pavel that he has to wear the white “ganymede” loincloth for the session. We have discovered that the loincloth is a truly great way to measure the effectiveness of the exercise. How? With every trainee, there is this initial shyness about wearing the loincloth. But if the exercise is truly effective, it is so hard that the trainee completely forgets about the loincloth and is only concentrated on completing the sets. It is certainly fun to watch how this happens with Pavel.

The long awaited first session with Pavel in loincloth will start just in 3 days: on 13 January 2019.