Recently we had a lot of fun training Domantas again. As you have probably noticed, he very fond of his loincloth and likes to wear it stubbornly.

He is progressing in a slightly slower pace, in finding his comfort zone to work out completely nude so we decided to take a different route with him altogether. He was shooting with us the Temple Boy workout. We gave him a choice knowing his answer already: he was either to perform completely naked, or wearing the loincloth, but accepting a “trainer” who would be using the riding crop for both correcting his posture and penalties. Domantas made his choice.

As we predicted  he chose the whip and an option to use the loincloth. But what we did not tell him was that we had changed the design of the garment.

Now already tiny cloth is trimmed even shorter and narrower. When the boy was kneeling in the first pose, the tip of his cock was already showing under the tiny cloth. When the exercise progressed, he realised that the loincloth will not afford him any protection.

Domantas knew we had tricked him. He was ours to whip, at the same time he had to perform practically naked. Good boy as he is, he followed the deal and as we proceeded with more demanding poses, he seemed more and more comfortable with his attire.

To make the boy really comfortable with his poses, we designed a special set of exercises at the end of the training. Starting with “Donkey raises”.

Moving on to “Doggie raises”.

Was it trainer with a whip to make sure that every pose is correct or simply dedication, but at the end of the training the poses were flawless.

Let’s talk about the whip. We really wanted to use the riding crop on Domantas during the workout. This very special type of whip, used by riders to motivate their horses for higher speeds.

It is very useful in the Tempe Boy workout as well which is filled with challenging poses. The wide leather tip of the whip allows the trainer to accurately point on a muscle group not presented correctly, the ensuing pain is also a effective punishment and great motivation to perform better.

The trainer will also use the whip to administer the penalty lashes: landing on pecs, abs, asscheeks it really makes the boy pay for his mistakes and try harder the next time. Naturally, the penalty lashes are administered with boy on the knees, and all muscles flexed. When Domantas presents for his final penalty we can see that in addition to a nice muscle tone from the exercises, we can also talk about great pinkish-red skin tone.

Domantas will continue his trainings as Rickshaw Boy!