We are glad that Lukas’ very intense gladiator abs workout was so well received by our members. We could not help but notice that especially high scores were rewarded for those episodes where the boy had to go through a gut punching penalties. The workout session ends with Lukas receiving 25 gut punches for failing to keep perfect form in the workout. And the penalty was highly approved by our members. We also could not help but notice that whenever young Lukas showed lack of form or was not comfortable with presenting, hiding too much behind the loincloth, the members really showed their dissatisfaction and we saw Lukas’ scores slipping to as low as 4,7. This means that a special penalty session will wait him.

In May, Lukas will perform a spring special workout: this is a gladiator workout routine, but it is designed as penalty. Except for occasional leg weights to make the training harder, the boy is not allowed to wear anything to make clear that this is a penalty session. Several members have suggested not to allow clothes in penalty sessions and we tend to agree with this. Also, we have increased the number of gut-punches that the trainee must take throughout the workout. Lukas likes the hard trainings: one of the highlights of this session is the moment when after receiving 25 gut punches from the trainer, he adds several more by himself.

Enjoy the show!