We have received a few critical reviews on the Temple Boy Workout – some members have said the the training lacks intensity and does not fully bring out the models’ potential. Very often the reason for this impression is that most of the bodybuilders are unable to fully display the demanding yoga poses.

As Alex was oiling up Vasily for his Temple Boy workout, we were extremely eager to see what can that MMA fighter and wrestler bring to this exercise. We had noticed some amazing flexibility potential already during his first casting so this workout would really test the boy.

We chose Alex as a trainer, because he can be very convincing for the boys. On one hand, a warm, friendly older-brother figure but on the other hand strict and demanding if necessary. We decided to keep Alex also naked for this workout. It is fun to watch as he develops quite visible erection while explaining the training to young Vasily.

We can see from the very beginning of the exercise that the boy is motivated to please his trainer. And by the Alex’s appearance, he too seems to be happy with his trainee’s performance.

When necessary, Alex offers warm guidance. Supporting and bending the boy just to the pose he wants his trainee to achieve.

And when necessary, Alex is not afraid to use his bamboo cane on Vasily to drive his point home the “hard way”. The chemistry between the trainee and trainer is truly amazing in this epic workout and delivers results.

Alex delivers from his trainee some of the most perfect, textbook poses that we have always wanted the boys to show.

Look at this split:

We can guarantee you will be amazed by Vasily’s focus and determination to show himself off in this exotic and incredible session.

Vasily: Temple Boy Workout will start playing on 2 September 2020