Our new model Tomas received a very good feedback from our members from his casting. His ratings went way up when he changed his tiny thong against a loincloth. His average rating among members was so high that we simply had to invite him back for at least one more video shoot and if the reaction of our members is as positive as before, we will invite him back for even more shoots.

Tomas received the highest marks while wearing the white “Ganymede” loincloth, so we decided to stick to the winning formula and kept him in this outfit for the whole routine. This time we had him go through the Posing Workout. The routine is very popular among the members and as the heavy sets test the boy’s strength, the exotic yoga poses really allow us to admire his body. And Tomas puts his boyish charm in full display. His poses are correct, his exercises perfect. You can see that he is very comfortable in the loincloth. You can admire the effects of the workout in the final posing and flexing session.

Tomas will entertain us starting October 1, at least 3 times a week. Let us know if you would like to see him coming back and if yes, then what kind of training would be best for him?