This month we started with a longer project: training of Ilya. When the boy showed up at our casting we immediately sensed the “fitcasting material” and wanted him to come back. Luckily our viewers agreed – his high score allowed us to invite him back for more trainings. And more training he received. Over a couple of weeks Ilya went through a series of very hard trainings that are the hallmark of our site and we are glad to bring them to you in the “Training Ilya” series over the coming months.

We decided to start with the classic “Posing Workout” as it teaches the novice model not only about our workout style, but helps him to show off his body. At the same time, our viewers get a thorough look of the trainee. Also, we wanted him to get used to more open style of our workouts, so we chose the transparent gray boxers for this session – a necessary step to move on to loincloth in upcoming trainings.

Ilya posing and workout style is intense: he is merciless towards himself – he accentuates every rep perfectly, never making a mistake in form. His body is tense, his every muscle seems to be constantly flexed even when not exercising. He is mindful of the audience and he is acutely aware that he is there for show-off and entertainment of others. You can see that when doing even menial tasks like adjusting weights or moving floormats he does not forget to present his body so that it would be pleasing to watch.

Enjoy this Posing Workout with Ilya and we will shortly share with you more previews of what we have in store for him! More preview galleries will also be uploaded in the Photo section.