Tim’s casting was a clear success. The feedback on the boy’s performance by our members was overwhelming. So we decided to bring him back as soon as in August!

We wanted something very physical and entertaining as his next routine and decided to choose the “Animal Kingdom Workout”. As the boy bends, crawls, jumps and moves every which way trying to imitate animals, he has a great opportunity to show off his body.

To make the show more interesting, we have added another boy to compete with Tim. Young, but already quite experienced Andy. Andy learned his lessons the hard way in the model school, where he was the novice. He knows that the trainers expect totally perfect performance and no mistake in tempo of form is forgiven.

Tim tries hard to keep up with a more experienced boy and from time to time he succeeds, but the inexperience has its downside. It is so that the trainer’s cane finds his ass or abs much often. He takes his punishments like a man, as Andy kneels besides him, witnessing the ordeal.

But the training bears fruit. Fresh cane marks on his ass, we see Tim to pull himself together and in the final sets really give everything to please his stern trainer.

And Alex is really stern this time. He has been told that his position as trainer is in danger as he has not shown himself serious enough. He has acquired a reputation as “softy” – so this time also he needs to prove that he is worthy of being a trainer for our boys. Although more experienced, even young Andy does not escape several caning sessions with Alex.

The session ends with penalty for the loser…

… and bonus for the winner!


Andy and Tim: Animal Kingdom Workout starts playing on August 10, 2020