Soon we will start playing a very exciting video of one of our favorite models Vova in Gladiator School. His trainer Stas and co-trainee Alex will introduce our young bodybuilder what it means to perform as a gladiator. This is one of the classic workouts from the Gladiator School Series and we wanted to try it on Vova as well.

The training starts with some poses where the audience can assess the fighters. The “Doggie” pose shows humility and obedience – a necessary trait in any gladiator.


And then there are poses to show off the trainee’s body. For this the trainer has already removed the boy’s loincloth. Shiiko Dachi with biceps, abs and pecs flexed is one of the most effective demonstration poses: in a snapshot a viewer can have a full overview of the boy’s development.

Vova learns that the boys are obliged to fight while maintaining an erection. After all, they do it for entertainment and this way they just offer a more enjoyable experience for the audience. Young Vova can achieve the required form in considerably quicker time than much older Alex.

But all in all, both trainees have an excellent chemistry. Alex is warm and caring as he guides a younger through this extremely hard and demanding training session.

The training includes “pain tolerance” for both trainees, where one has to hold another while Stas administers the gut punches.

And then the roles are reversed. Vova does not seem to mind his task…

Throughout the training the young trainee demonstrates amazing stamina and offers some beautiful sights for admiration.

Naturally, as this is gladiator training, there are fights. Of course, much stronger and experienced Alex dominates the fights but this is all for valuable experiences.

For a boy to keep himself in a state of arousal for hours and perform workout is hard. To leave the boy with no opportunity for release after training would be simply cruel. Vova’s hard work pays off – he is allowed to bring himself to climax in front of his two trainers.

Vova: Gladiator School starts playing already on 18 August 2020.