On December 5, 2018 Sebastian will step in front of you as Ganymede, who is training to be a better servant. Ganymede workout has received a lot of good feedback and it seems that our members are liking the ancient themes a lot. It is also a great workout to show off the trainee, make him comfortable with posing and entertaining. The workout is demanding – the poses must be always perfect. This means that there is ample room for punishment workouts, making the whole experience even more intense.

Staying true to the historic tradition, the boy is wearing only a tiny loincloth. For this shoot we wanted also to change the setting: this time the young servant boy is kneeling in front of you on hard stone tiles, with a giant chimney at the backdrop. Heavy wooden poles that support the ceiling add to the feeling of an old estate where a party is about to start.

In the first warm-up posing session Sebastian will take you to the roof, posing against the backdrop of old Prague giving you some amazing views of the city. Just in loincloth, Sebastian initially seems to be quite shy, but heavy workout swipes it all away and let’s face it: he has no reason to be shy. His body looks better than ever, he has a lot to show.

Here is a preview gallery!