Our new boy Sam will be put on next trial already this May. As he finishes his first casting we are seeing some mixed reviews.

While he is receiving some compliments for his impressive manhood, some of our members have complained that the boy’s focus seemed to be lost during the first casting. Was he counting too much of his prominent features and thought that slacking off from workout would not be noticed? We decided to bring him back immediately and help him focus properly.

We decided to jump with Sam immediately to one of the hardest workouts in our menu: the Triple Sets. The boy was surprised to learn that for this workout, he not only has to remain naked, but he also needs to keep erection at all times.

To make sure that he was not slacking off this time, he had Stas to oversee the whole workout. He now has a real chance to prove that he is the right material for Fitcasting.

And to make sure that the boy understood that we really expect him to perform with erection and that we are not impressed by mere size Stas had a whip to immediately remind the boy if he was not performing to his liking.

We have to say that Sam puts on quite a good show and he looks great under these difficult circumstances and impossible demands. But we make the boy’s life even more difficult.

In the middle of the sets, Stas orders the boy to cum, but informs that the boy is still expected to keep his erection for the remainder of the session. Sam now has a real chance to demonstrate his virility.

His performance is quite impressive. the boy just keeps going!

But of course, no-one can keep going indefinitely. This means that Stas will find many reasons to punish the boy in Shiiko Dachi with some added “benefits”. He will “help” the boy to keep the required form by stimulating his nipples with clothespins.

Will it work? You can find out soon enough! Sam: Triple Sets Workout starts playing on 27 May 2020 in the member section.